Saving America With Patriot Incomes

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How Conservatives Can Control Politics,
Earn an Amazing Full-Time Patriot Income
Promoting and Prospering With America’s Top Companies

*This is how we blow the left away.* We create patriot incomes in the Patriot Marketplace. We are listening to Rush, Hannity, Beck, Ingram, Coulter and many others. We are mad as hell at what the left is doing to America and now we can empower ourselves with social media. We use social media, saving America, strengthening our families and sharing our faith. Folks, that’s what Talk Show Host do every day for all of us and their families. The market pays them to do it. We just don’t understand how it works. Google, Facebook and the rest are making millions off us when we use their networks.The fact is, they need us to use their networks and we can make money for ourselves also. Where there is internet, there is wealth. The internet is full employment for the whole world!
Come on really, Radio pays Rush $50 million a year! And he makes another $50 million on his blog! Beck and a hundred others have followed Rush into the patriot market and made millions. And they are making a huge difference, but not enough to correct or even stop 75 years of liberal corruption and immorality, even in high places. The sheeple of America are scared, they are losing faith and trust in what’s suppose to be a Judeo/Christian Constitutional Capitalist system. Conservatives are lagging behind Obama’s swagger and media popularity among Millennials, but he’s just another Pied Piper.
Imagine 1000s more of us following the leaders and using social media and the internet in the Patriot Market. We can take all who share our American Dream and help them earn a full-time PATRIOT INCOME. There are 75 million Boomers (ages 51 to 69) and at least half of us are still viable and hate how the Left is destroying prosperity for our kids the Millennials. The Census Bureau projects that the Millennial population was 74.8 million in 2014.. All our kids are Millennials (1981-1997). *We grew up prosperous with Faith, Family and Freedom. We have the right ideas and solutions for America and we need to get our ideas out to millions upon millions of wary voters. We can get paid WELL to dominate social media.* We can start with the 20 million followers of Rush who listen every day, are mad as hell, and are itching to do something. Let’s stop Clinton/Buffett/Reid style Cronyism and invest in our own Energy/Telecom businesses, creating patriot income. If you’re ready watch this and contact me. Craig@TheFreedomStore.net                                                                                 

The only hope left for the Left is to discourage Republicans and Independents from voting. Democrats have no real ideas, just scripted lies that have resurfaced with every generation. They just keep promising that if they get elected everyone will prosper. Hitler, Stalin and all the mass murdering Pol Pot types all rose to power saying the same B.S. But today with the internet the Left's lies can be exposed. There are current Leftist disasters in Venezuela, North Korea, and Mexico; recent like Argentina and Brazil. And now we have Obama/Clinton Islamic terrorist, MS-13, and Bernie Sanders murderers targeting Republican charity events. I want some help creating a flyer with images of the failures of Democrats on one side and successes of conservatives on the other.
I believe God's full purpose, Saving America is yet to be realized; Daniel 2:44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. The miraculous election of now President Donald J Trump assures me that God is still in control.

Written by Craig Newton:
Champion the Cause of God and Free Enterprise
Joshua 1:8 *The Freedom Store*

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