Craig Newton has been fighting for America as far as he can remember. To champion the cause of freedom and free enterprise is his passion.

craig3About this Site:
Craig's mother immigrated to America with her parents, father was in ranching. Both very conservative, pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, assimilating and prospering. As a son of the Greatest Generation which destroyed all the evil 'isms' in WWII, Craig enjoyed a comfortable carefree life as a Baby BOOMER. But the Boomers were too comfortable as they allowed the isms to take root in American institutions. The assassination of the Kennedy's shocked the world. Then followed the sixties rebellion against God, Family and Freedom. Knowing that crime follows decadence, Craig entered Law Enforcement in Butte County, CA then Sacramento and retired after 35 years from the "California Department of Corrections"  Since becoming aware that liberal politics in America facilitates evil, Craig has been involved with Republican Central Committees to eliminate elitist and put God back in our republican institutions.

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